It seemed a futile attempt – what WV brewery would be open for business on a Sunday afternoon?

My companion and I were headed home from an incredible trip to Grayson Highlands State Park. After two days of camping, hiking, and climbing I was rejuvenated, relaxed, and in dire need of a delicious beer.

We burned through 20 or 30 miles as I searched for possible stops along our route home. And then finally, just a couple of miles off course, I saw a link for Weathered Ground.

Rural West Virginia had a lot to offer that day. The sun was bright and warm, the air cool and welcoming, and the beer just as crisp. We opted for the patio, and eventually the lawn behind the brewery. I won’t say the beer made my top 10, but open autumn air and beautiful neighboring fields certainly added extra appeal to this hidden oasis.

If you’re ever headed through southern WV and wouldn’t mind a pit stop, I’d recommend stopping in. They’ve got brews for all pallets, and welcoming charm to boot.

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