Juniper thawed

I miss the smell of cold when you're young and it's a fleeting thing not yet sunk into your bones not yet traced across your skin. Cold smelled like warmth like a patchwork quilt with an ancient current, a magic current. Smelled like hand-me-down t-shirts as nightgowns, and like one more chapter before bed. Cold... Continue Reading →


There was a late dinner in summer, sun nearly set suburban sounds whirring down to an easy lull— invertebrate symphonies narrating my mother’s hands over the stove. She looked young beneath soft yellow light and I counted her steps in threes one two three to the corner cabinet clanging of pots and pans and light-footed... Continue Reading →

Draft in the dining room

It’s a dark house, grey walls and shadows—corners collect dust unseen, untouched the children pale in late afternoon valleys below blue eyes dark as unlit halls. You’d think it was always raining the way time dripped on, echo of infinite drops ringing in the ears of the living. Dinner is silent, save for abhorrent thoughts... Continue Reading →

Feeding In October

We laugh with mouths like crows, gaping screeches into cold air. Oil slicks cutting through autumn like steel through water. Easier to laugh than to cry, a cadence of moans amplifying into shared sky. Beaks wide and split left to right so no one could ever tell the difference between smile and grimace. Six eyes... Continue Reading →

The Bard At Night

You were loud as the moon words echoing through half-light -a gaping chasm of nearly pitch black. Your laugh struck me like leaves in autumn, auburn stains, pristine pointed edges for weeks, until you could melt into the earth, washed away with old papers or a memory or a bit of rain. Silver-skinned and long... Continue Reading →

Sun Falls Quiet In Town

The warm season incites a madness in warm bodies chins upturned toward sky, goading rain or something sweeter dry tongues flick arid air empty of everything but talk of the weather or how the earth can't possibly be round the street – akin to sweat – waves as beings pass, cross thresholds to escape heat... Continue Reading →

Four Winds

I met a woman and she was the eye of a storm. The storm was ruthless, slapped the sea with open palms screamed titan winds and flooded me and you. But she was calm there at the center of everything not a hint of a smile on her omnipotent mouth. And in an empty, stoic... Continue Reading →

A Forest: Unwooded

Have you ever met a woman like hickory? Slender hands touch the sun and she can't think of earthly things. She can sway without lifting root bear the sky without shrugging standing somber among the felled she can stare - cold - browned autumn eyes fall, jarring the boldest men quaking the stillest earth.


I blame my troubles on the sea the only one great enough to rip me apart or mighty enough to tumble me up in a riptide rock me in arms beneath waves then tear my limbs casting me to the edges of the earth

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