The Bard At Night

You were loud as the moon words echoing through half-light -a gaping chasm of nearly pitch black. Your laugh struck me like leaves in autumn, auburn stains, pristine pointed edges for weeks, until you could melt into the earth, washed away with old papers or a memory or a bit of rain. Silver-skinned and long…Read more »

A Forest: Unwooded

Have you ever met a woman like hickory? Slender hands touch the sun and she can’t think of earthly things. She can sway without lifting root bear the sky without shrugging standing somber among the felled she can stare – cold – browned autumn eyes fall, jarring the boldest men quaking the stillest earth.


A colony embarks beneath a temple of pine and builds a home beside my right hand balanced carelessly atop root. Cones of light splay over our sanctuary, listening in on sacred lessons stealing away with our secrets hiding them between layers of sky. I am one and they are one thousand, showing me the might…Read more »