Waning Half

My sister cried each month when she bled splayed naked on the bathroom floor vomiting; great heaves in the porcelain bowl shaking violently—each vertebrae resounding in snakelike shivers beneath ivory skin expelling womanhood like it would kill her not to, like she might crawl out of her flesh a seizing spine lunging forth with the…Read more »


There was a late dinner in summer, sun nearly set suburban sounds whirring down to an easy lull— invertebrate symphonies narrating my mother’s hands over the stove. She looked young beneath soft yellow light and I counted her steps in threes one two three to the corner cabinet clanging of pots and pans and light-footed…Read more »

Draft in the dining room

It’s a dark house, grey walls and shadows—corners collect dust unseen, untouched the children pale in late afternoon valleys below blue eyes dark as unlit halls. You’d think it was always raining the way time dripped on, echo of infinite drops ringing in the ears of the living. Dinner is silent, save for abhorrent thoughts…Read more »